Pokwang’s Baby Girl Malia Visits US for the First Time!

PINOY NEW CHANNEL recently uploaded a video of comedienne Pokwang and her daughter visiting the States to meet the other side of their family with Papang Lee Obrian. Prior to this, it was Malia’s first time visiting America. Several photos of the mother and daughter en route to america were shared throughout the video to show just how beautiful and happy the two are.

Malia is also looking very pretty with her huge brown and eyes and brown hair, seemingly still unaware of how blessed she is for having Pokwang as a mother: a truly loving and devoted person who has brought joy to the Philippine population time and again.

The video also showed a few snippets of their trip, showing some of her husband’s family member as they all got cozied up for photos. Pokwang is nothing short of happy to have been blessed with a grand true love and even more so, a beautiful baby girl.

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We are all happy to see her succeed in life. Netizens are also showing their love and their support for her, apart from the occasional people who do not seem to know how to be happy for other people’s success. Nonetheless, we are very pleased for the actress achievements!

Here are what the netizens are saying. Read on to see!

“ganda tlga ni bby Malia & yung Happy aura nya nakkatuwa :)good vibes”

“Sarap ng feeling dba Pokwang married to another nationality plus having Philam child..that’s a blessing .stay happy and loved.”

“natatawa ako dto nakapag asawa lang sa america sosyal na??edi lhat ng my asawang us sosyal na sa state yung mga iba mukha lng clang manyaman pro hwag ka,,hindi basta2 dn ang buhay sa state,sa totoo lng mas maganda pa ang buhay mi pokwang sa pinas mas manyaman pa sya sa asawa nya,,sa state kayod Marino doon pro hindi ka kagaling makabili ng bahay”

“Swertihan lng s buhay,basta marunong kang lumingon s pinanggalingan m,at mag share ng blessings s mga taong nkatulung sau nung wlang wla ka,hirap ksi s ibang pinoy nkatikim lng ng ko n buhay s Tate,kung manglait s kapwa kala mo mlinis n xia,ayaw kya ng america s mga asian no.”

“My dear idol she found a true love from papang enjoy visitting in america & god bless all of u ur big fans”

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