Regine Velasquez Finally Fights Back Against Netizens Who Dislike Her

A recent video was uploaded by Youtube Page called “Pinoy New Channel” where it had reported that Regine Velasquez had grown ultimately tired of everybody who was spewing hurtful words towards her switching networks.

“Regine Velasquez, suko na! Di na nakapagtimpi sa mga [haters]. Pinagtanggol na ang sarili sa wakas!” the video prompted. It went on to detail that on October 29, 2018 the Asia’s Song Bird released a teaser of her first project with the network.

“October 29, 2018 nag post si Regine ng isang teaser sa isa kaniyang pinaka unang proyekto sa Kapamilya networrk ang Idol Philippines,” the site reported.

Her caption proved to be a little more interesting. Prior to this, several people have been giving her flak for her decision to move from GMA 7 to the Kapamilya Network or channel 2. She was quiet about the situation for the longest time, despite several people trying to bring her down otherwise. Netizens really judged her for the whole switch even saying that she was “mukhang pera” after allegations surfaced that she received a 500 million peso contract to be lured in to switching. This was never proven true or false as the official press release said that she moved in order to be with her husband who has been with the Kapamilya Network since 2016. She has also explained that this decision was for the best of her career as well.

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Her caption said, “Dear [haters] I am truly happy for GMA. Congratulations to everyone in SPS and KMJS. And I am happy you guys are happy. But just a suggestion total sinasabi nyng lahat na hindi na ako kailan ng GMA, sinabihan nyo ako na wala akong utang na loob walang akong loyalty (apparently 20 years can not be considered being loyal) na muka akong pera. Maybe you guys can stop insulting me my husband and my son. Lumipat lang po ako ng network. Again i am grateful for my 20 years in GMA I made a lot of friends there and I have great memories being a kapuso. Tulal naman po nayurakan nyo na ng bonggang bongga ang akatao ko na para bang may nagawa akong masama sa inyo personally. You obviously hate me gets ko na po. Gets ko rin na hindi niyo papanoorin ang mga shows na gagawin ko sa ABS tanggap ko na po yun wala naman pong pilitian ito. Free TV po ito walang bayad we are all here to provide you entertainment FOR FREE!!! So sa madaling salita kayo ang panalo dito, nagmamahal kapamilya Regine”

People in the comment section then began to express their support as if this was a wake up call to them to stop with the hurtful words.

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Source: YouTube

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