This Man had the fright of his life after a chicken visited him in the bathroom stall of his home

Halloween is around the corner, and with television shows and ads pointing to the direction of rather pretty thrilling and suspenseful narratives, it is simply hard to avoid and control our imaginations from going wild. Aeron Paul Portillo fell victim to the pressures of the seasons, as shared on his Facebook account last October 28 in Marikina City. He has shared a total of 7 photos were he elaborated and explained “Nagulat ako pag pasok ko ng C.R namen Jessica Soho Tulong”

The photo showed a bathroom with a gaping open window by pne of the walls. There had seemed to be a dark blackish entity that had its claws by the window. It could have been anything. The light from the phone reflected soon after that it was in fact moving and had some other scary looking parts, like red eyes and a beak that may have calmed down Aeron during that moment. It is then that he along with several of those who saw the images realized that it was just a chicken perching itself by the window. It was simply in an awkward position that made it easy for several people to mistake it as some form of supernatural entity during Halloween season.

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Funnily enough and with great relief, the post has been shared a total of 2, 600 times after this writing. There are also over 200 comments from different people below.

Several of the netizens found it absolutely hilarious and spent no waste going in on the comment section to discuss how funny the post is. Some of them even went directly to the comment section because they had to be sure that they would be able to handle what they would see on the photo. Spooky season definitely has its effect on people. Everybody’s senses is heightened and everbody is treading as carefully as they possibly can!

Here’s some of what the netizens are saying about Aeron Paul Portillo’s Post. Read on to see!

“ Baka yan yung nawawalang anak ng tatay mo? Nagbabalik lng?”

“Trending na sana ‘wag mo kami kalimutan”

“Basa basa muna comment sayang ang cp q maihagis q bigla anu po yong last pic hindi q kayang tingnan 1:04 am pa naman gising pa c aq”

“Manok yan diba par ahahahahaha”

“Lakas maka trick or treat eh, sa banyo pa hayuup”

“Tawa ako ng tawaaaaa Hahahah ahhaah”

“may ganyan din mamaya sa ilalim nyoto or mamayang 5 am ajahahahhaah ahhahaha hahaha”

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