Solenn Heussaff and Nicole Bolzico get goofy again in a poem dedicated to Erwan.

Nico Bolzico and Solenn Heussaff are the definition of couple goals. Anybody who has said otherwise clearly has not paid enough attention to the organic chemistry and love the two share together. First and foremost, the two are visibly appealing — stunting with their great looks that are rather foreign. The Argentinean businessman is fit and toned as he always makes a constant effort to remind us over his and Solenn Heussaff’s Instagram posts and stories. Solenn the half French half Filipina multisleeved woman, on the otherhand is also fit and toned, tall and curvy as well. They are both successful in their careers, Nico has his business and Solenn does make up, paintings, fashion designing, acting, singing, and modelling. They both vlog as well.

But it is not even the paperworks that make them compatible but who they are as a couple. Two funny and charming individuals who are so comfortable around each other it can sometimes feel unfair for the rest of the population who has not found the person they would spend the rest of their lives happy with, In several of the vlogs, they can always be seen pranking each other. They are carefree individuals who are untainted by the world and its evident pressures.

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In one of the clips, Nico Bolzico is seen wearing an orange crop top while reading a script from his phone. Solenn is dancing in her underwear in the background. While he was reading, Nico gets distracted and later apologizes as he stops to laugh. “It is so difficult to concentrate with you in the back,” he said to his wife while laughing and looking at her. “I tried not to laugh, I tried not to laugh,” Nico said as his wife Solenn laughed along with him. “Don’t look at me, don’t look at me. Start from scratch,” instructed Solenn. And so they did.

Nico seemed to have been doing some sort of rap, or spoken word in the clip where he discusses Erwan’s relationship with Anne Curtis, along with his with his wife who was still dancing in the background. She was now holding two bottles of wine as well. It really was difficult to concentrate with Solenn’s silliness in the background.

As Nico finished his line, Solenn stopped dancing to push him.

“Your sister I married and she makes me laugh. But let me just tell you, you are still the best Heussaff.”

Erwan Heussaff is Solenn’s brother. He is married to It’s Showtime host, Anne Curtis.

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