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Vice Ganda’s Maids are Now College Graduates Thanks to Him

Vice Ganda was not always rich. In fact he grew up poor and struggling to make ends meet before his career in making people laugh boomed which made him one of the hottest and most in demand artists in the industry today. Although he is faring well now, with his designer clothes and bags, Vice Ganda never for a moment stopped helping those that he may be able to bless with his kindness and generosity. His noontime variety show has been going live on air for almost a decade now, and he also had a late night television talk show every Sunday. His career is in tact because you certainly cannot bring a good man down.

Vice Ganda has time and again showed what a humble person he is through his discreet ways in the show, as he usually does not like to brag about the good things he has done. To him, the important thing is that he was able to help and not that people would find out what he was doing for them. He is a real blessing to several of those around him, including us who get to laugh every lunch time with his show.

A good tale of his kindness that we are able to tell you about is how he helped his Vice Ganda Angel’s Emelyn Freo and Jacquelyn Guerrero. Emelyn and Jacquelyn have been working as Vice Ganda’s maids since June 2012. That’s 6 years of being around the Unkabogable Star. The two’s primary plan when they had applied to work for Vice was so that they would earn and save up money to fund themselves into acquiring education and soon, a college degree. Vice Ganda did not allow for this to happen, however and decided to send the two to college with his own money. This had allowed for the two to earn and save what they were once going to spend in the expenses of their school.

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Fast forward to 2018, his Angels are now college graduates and Vice Ganda is very proud of the two. He is so proud of their achievement that on their graduation ball, he ordered for a full makeover for the two and had gifted them gowns to wear on the said special night as well.

Jacquelyn then went on to thank her employer, and said “Hi Ate

Vice, Thank you ito na oh patapos na kami. Thank you sa lahat, hindi namin ine-expect ‘to, ang ganda ng pa-gown mo.”

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