Miss Grand International Hits The Floor After Being Declared The Winner

Beauty Pageants could gather up plenty of pressures for the queens to meet and in turn they would have to sometimes compromise some of their health. Be it from following a certain diet that restricts them a few calories, to becoming so overwhelmed emotionally and psychologically that it would be rather confusing to endure as such. It happens because it is all the while like any other competition anyway. There are drawbacks and setbacks but there are also tons of triumphs that reward the hard work of the contestants respectively.

On Thursday night of Miss Grand International, Paraguay’s Clara Sosa got in to the finals round and joked that she was so happy she might faint from her overwhelming joy accompanied by nervousness of course. A couple of minutes later, the beauty queen had in fact collapsed only seconds after the show revealed that she is declared the winner of the said international beauty contest. People from all walks of life whether watching life or in television were shocked and at the same time worried for her then condition as fainting is never really a good sign of anything.

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The live broadcast of the show immediately tried to divert to a different scene and ultimately zooming out of Sosa as she touched the floor hard and without any strength left to be seen in her body. The first runner up from India, Miss Meenakshi Chaudhary was seen running to her only to fail in catching the winner of the pageant. Soon after this several people came rushing in to help the beauty queen. People were worried and concerned as they awaited for any news. Everybody is evidently on the edge of their seats as well.

They were met with good news however, as the beauty queen Sosa was finally able to get up a minute or two after the worrying scenario where she did her first walk as the winner of the pageant shortly after. She was then okay and it must have been just a case of pure incomprehensible joy that confused her body. Sosa had won the pageant after her answer in the question and answer portion of the show telling US President Donald Trump to be an example of peace, love and tolerance. This was proven to be aback to back win for South American countries as she succeeded Ms Maria Jose Lora who hails from Peru.

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Source: ABS-CBN

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