Janella Salvador and Marco Gumabao have been spotted in the same restobar where the alleged incident with Elmo Magalona had happened

Janella Salvador was in many of the papers and several other online news outlet’s headlines after she came forward and spoke about her real situation with former partner Elmo Magalona.

In her exclusive interview with Phil Star’s Ricky Lo, the actress clarified that the whole scenario was not an intended happenstance because it had happened more than once. One several of these occasions, the actress clarified that Elmo Magalona had one drink too many and was unaware of the consequences of his actions. Although she primarily let the first one go and went on to forgive her, it was an attitude that she could not go on to tolerate and that was why she left the relationship. She did so in the best terms possible, stating that she knows Elmo Magalona is going through therapy and that she is very supportive of that decision.

New news broke out, however with a new leading man in sight. This man is no other than Marco Gumabao. Several photos of the two have been shared and are circulating the realm of social media as of current day. The photos were taken in the same restobar where she had been allegedly physically hurt by ex-boyfriend, Elmo Magalona. In the said photos, she and Marco Gumabao can be seen getting cozy in Mario Motel and is evident that they too are holding hands.

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But the other party had remained very quiet amidst the controversy.

Still, several fans are happy about Janella Salvador looking like she is ready to move on and is already taking the right steps to do so. Her newest rumored beau looks almost just as thrilled to be in her company. Who wouldn’t be anyway? Janella is a gorgeous woman!

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