LOOK: Cristine Reyes Enjoys New Boracay With Her Daughter

On April 26 of this year, President Rodrigo Duterte ordered the total closure of the tourists and local’s favourite quick getaway island, Boracay. He has called in a “cesspool” and wanted the total rehabilitation of it which was becoming more and more of a mess due to several tourists who did not know how to properly dispose of their waste or take care of the island that grew more and more polluted with each day passing.

Despite several talk overs to rehabilitate the island in a scattered manner, the president insisted that it should be closed for six straight months disregarding those whose livelihoods solely depended on the tourism of the island. Furthermore, several updates where given during the six month period that it was being cleaned and kept unpolluted.

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Ultimately, it has been a total of 6 months after and Boracay has finally reopened itself to the public having a few new rules for everybody to follow. There has been a new implementation with crowd control, being limited to only 6,405 tourist arrivals per day. Parties are no longer allowed as well, so there goes everybody’s Laboracay. Smoking and drinking along the white beach has also been prohibited. People who do not book on the designated and approved hotels are not allowed entry as well. The stricter rules will hopefully help maintain the newly restored island.

Of course celebrities are more than excited to return to the beach and celebrate a better , cleaner version of the island alongside their families. One of these people is no other than Cristine Reyes who has shared a couple of videos of herself and her daughter enjoying the evidently bluer and clearer waters of Boracay. “It’s so clean, it’s so clean!” she says in one of the videos as she splashed around the water.

Prior to this, Cristine has always been one to support the cleanliness of Boracay and she is definitely right for wanting the place to be maintained and restored as it is beautiful now and almost peaceful again!

Here are some of the comments of the Netizens:

“Gusto ko talaga si Christine sapag disiplina sa anak nya,,,,,ito yung nakakahanga eh,,,,kahit mayaman na hindi spoiled sa anak pagdating sa tamang Gawain”

“Ang sexy parin ni cristine kht my baby na at Maalaga sa anak at subrang disiplinada sa baby niya in Still beautiful parin Siya love you I dol Cristine in amarah ingat lagi”

Some were more cynical and less concerned with the actress, though.

“Still.may.nag tatapon ng mga kalat like tanzan. Papaano madidisiplina ang ibang mga tao pag ganyan.need na magbantay or imaimtain ang kalinisan. Malinis na dudumihan ulit.”

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