Here are 5 celebrity couples who broke up even when we thought they would stay together forever

Sometimes we are led to believe that relationships can last forever every time we see couples who look perfectly happy and content in each other’s arms. But we also know that sometimes, there is so much more than what meets the eye.

Showbiz Philippines recently uploaded a video of Celebrity Failed Marriages that left people confused and wondering what had went wrong especially that they looked happy together, they have families together too. But for some reason, they decided to call it quits.

Nora Aunor and Chrsistopher de Leon

First off the list is Nora Aunor and Chrsistopher de Leon

The two have been together for quite some time and were very prominent actors during their time in fame. They split after 5 years of marriage. The reason for their split was because of several fans trying to intervene with Nora’s life which the actor was not really happy about. Eventually, they had to break up.

Michelle Van Eimeren and Ogie Alcasid

Second on the list is Michelle Van Eimeren and Ogie Alcasid.

Before marrying Asia’s Song Bird, Ogie was in a relationship with this Australian beauty queen. They called it quits after almost a decade of marriage due to several rumored reasons, including one that involves his now wife, Regine Velasquez

Claudine Barretto and Raymart Santiago

Like the couple above them in this list, the two called it quits after 9 years together. They went through a lot and seemed very in love, having tied the knot twice with one biolocal child and one adopted one too. Their break up proved to be very controversial as Claudine had said that she was being physically hurt by Raymart who in turn said that she was using recreational pills.

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Ramon Christopher and Lotlot de Leon

The two were a popular love team during the 1980s and got married fairly young. Lotlot was only 16 then and Ramon was 18. Lotlot is the eldest adopted daughter of Nora and Christopher who are featured as the first couple in this said list.The two remained married for 13 years after they had enough of their constant fights and exhausting all the other possible means to stay together in their relationship. QCRTC declared that the marriage was null and void after they concluded that Lotlot was not yet of legal age when they decided to get married.

As of present day however, the two have made amends and remained friends.

Dennis Padilla and Marjorie Barretto

The two have 3 beautiful and wonderful children together, one of which is very famous today. Her name is Julia Barretto. The couple split in 2007 with rumors saying that infidelity and political reasons were part of the issue that led to their split but the most apparent of them all was that Dennis seemed to have had a couple of major shortcomings both as a husband and father.

Eric Villarama and Donita Rose

These two also surprised a lot of fans with their split because they have known each other even as children. They married in 2003, but broke up 2016 after Donita had discovered that Eric was cheating on her. The two were doing a long distance relationship because she currently had a project in the Philippines where as Eric had to stay in the US. She was then really surprised with the way Eric had admitted he was already seeing someone new, eve posting a photo of him and the new girl over social media.

Lander Vera Perez and Regine Tolentino

The two were very in love, with Regine claiming that around Lander she would feel her heart doing somersaults in excitement. She even turned down an offer from showbiz just so she could marry. Ulitametly, their 18 year marriage ended after Lander was caught having an affair with another woman.

Sunshine Cruz and Cesar Montano

Their break up was very controversial, but their love affair also seemed very sweet and romantic with 3 wonderful daughters and years and years of marriage. Their 13 year relationship was put to a hault after a third party, Krista Miller was said to have caused it.

Pops Fernandez and Martin Nievera

The singer couple stunned us with several love songs, albums and concerts together. They have been together for 10 years but also split because of infidelity. However, years later the two became friends again.

Romnick Sarmenta and Harlene Bautista

The two have been married for almost two decades with 5 wonderful children as well but for some unknown reason the two decided to call it quits and had asked to respect their privacy instead. Harlene however maintained that she and her ex husband are still great friends.

Ultimately, these couples have moved on for the better and are doing better for themselves in the new lives they live. The most important get away with all of this is not that love doesn’t exist, but rather sometimes it really is just short lived. There are plenty of ways to feel better, may it be streaming iridescence or finding a new partner, or simply focusing on the children just as these people have proved to us.

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