Gerald Anderson Picks A Lucky Woman From The Crowd Only To Be Left Behind so That She May Take Selfies with Daniel Padilla

Recently, a whole roster of Kapamilya Stars went to Sydney Australia for the show ASAP Live On Sydney. There, the whole ensemble spread happiness to a jam packed crowd of overseas filipino workers who were very excited to feel a sense of home after being away from their families and country for so long. Filipinos are a lot of things and one of them is being proud for their fellow Filipinos. This is what made the ASAP Live in Sydney a great sold out show that had several Filipinos raving about it.

Among the 32 stars that went was the newest Kapamilya talent Regine Velasquez who transferred from ABSCBN’s rival network which she was affiliated with for 20 years before departure. Other people were Maja Salvador, Yassi Pressman who also just recently met her other half sister there, Daniel Padilla and Gerald Anderson.

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Gerald Anderson has been in the industry for several years now, ever since she joined the reality based television competition called Pinoy Big Brother with whom he shared the house with Kim Chiu. The actor has then starred in several different television series making him secure a name in the household, even all the way to Sydney.

Daniel Padilla on the other hand is no longer a rookie, but his experience is nowhere near as Gerald because he has been in the entertainment industry for a shorter period of time. He however had several peak moments in his career especially when paired with her now confirmed on and off screen girlfriend, Kathryn Bernardo.

In one of the segments of their show in Australia, Yassi Pressman, Maja Salvador, Gerald Anderson and Daniel Padilla were doing a playful banter on screen where Maja insisted that the selected of the members kiss Gerald. But the woman went on to encapsulate Daniel Padilla with a hug, leaving behind Gerald Anderson. The woman even went as much as taking several selfies with the Na Sayo Na Ang Lahat singer. Gerald kept his total composure and seemed unfazed by the whole situation although it was quite inevitable to perceive that this was a rather crushing moment for him. Nonetheless, the show went on as planned.

It was nothing personal, we assume as perhaps the woman he picked from the crowd was just really a Daniel fan. She did look like she was at the age where she would know and appreciate Daniel better. There are several people who would gladly kiss Gerald Anderson and take several selfies with him should the moment call for it!

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