Dig up! A pot of coins might just be underneath you

Sometimes you don’t need to be an archaeologist and paleontologists to find a treasure. Just being a normal citizen with good judgment can help you discover something valuable.

Just take the construction workers in Spain who came across some old-looking pots while digging a ditch. At first, they were confused where these pots could have originated. However, they realized that these pots that are called “Amphoras” which came from Rome at the height of their imperial power.

19 Amphoras were found in the zone, each one of these filled with bronze coins from the Roman Empire with the total weight of 1,300 pounds.

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However, even if the researcher says that the coins found were from the third or fourth-century A.C.E, they are not convinced that the coins were part of the circulation.

But with that being said, archaeologists were still captivated by how distinctive these coins were, especially as the faces of Maximian and Constantine are featured on the coins. Their value is equivalent to at least several thousand euros!

Wine, olive oil, and other food product were frequently kept in the Amphoras too.

But it’s going to take a lot of time to learn to learn everything about these coins, but researchers look forward to undertaking this task.

The coins will be placed in the Seville Archeological Museum once the researchers are finished examining them.

Just imagine how excited they are about finding a collection like this for the first time.

These Roman coins and amphoras just show that there is still a lot to learn and discover when it comes to history.

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